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Baby Memphis’ Dedication [2 of 2]

As the event drew to a close Miko and I still haven’t decided where to take the photos for my blog, so we decided to just watch the Lord of The Rings marathon that was showing on TV while the little baby girl sat along with us. :) SUCH A CUTIE PIEE!!

Would you look at that? She didn’t cry the entire time she sat on my lap! Babies aren’t exactly a big fan of my perkiness, so it was a rare moment. HAHA. 


(I did not dye my hair! That’s just power of lighting. HAHAHA)

Sheer nude top: Sister’s || Black Jeans: Terranova || Necklace: St. Francis || Heels: Syrup

All photos by: Miko Legasto (unless otherwise stated)

Photo processing: Nicoliita

Favorite photo of the day! 

(By Roman Mojica)

Will post again next week! I already have the photos all set up. So do watch out for that! 



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